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Neware Power Cell Testing
Neware Power Cell Testing
Power Cell Testing
Pulse Charge/Discharge
DC Internal Resistance
Rate Charge/Discharge
Cycle Life
Neware CT-4008-5V60A-NTA is a kind of 8CH/18U power cell tester. It has many kinds of working mode, such as CVC, CCC, CCD. It also own multiple safety protection functions, such as battery reverse connection alarm, overcurrent shutdown, protection function during operation, etc. Providing supporting professional analysis software. It provides impulse charge and discharge test, DCIR test, cycle life test and multiple charge and discharge test. It is applied for research institutions, universities and power battery production enterprises.
  • Early in2008YearSuccessfully Developed
  • Up to32,000SetsShipments
  • Minimum500msPulse Width
  • Up to≤10msResponse Time
  • Up to0.05%FSAccuracy
  • Up to10HZ/100HZResponse Time
  • Battery Testing System
  • Power Cell Testing System
    Research Institutions
  • Power Cell Testing System
    Materials/Semiconductor Enterprises
  • Power Cell Testing System
    University/Hospital/ Chemical Industry
  • Power Cell Testing System
    Power Battery Manufacturer
  • Power Cell Testing System
    New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers
Essential components
Regenerative battery PACK tester
Regenerative battery PACK tester
Regenerative battery PACK tester
Regenerative battery PACK tester
Regenerative battery PACK tester
Conditions Switches
Segment-Record Conditions
Control peripheral equipment by communication
Super-capacitor testing
dQ/dV differential capacity curve: the peak on the curve indicates that there is a voltage plateau on the charge and discharge curve, and different peaks represent different electrochemical reactions.
Battery testing steps need to be estimated for several conditions according to different operations during testing applications; Conditions switches meet requirements for multi-exits programming types. “And” "or” logic operation, “≥”, ”≤”, ”=” comparatively calculate; Time duration ”t”, can achieve control requirements for special testing. Every step supports 5 condition switches; Support multi-exits, go to any steps, achieve more flexible process control.
Data record settings for voltage, current and time are supported; 3 segment-record conditions can be set for each step; Every segment can be set: ΔT, ΔV and ΔI .
BTS Server come true the peripheral equipment (Battery tester & Automation) communication control via switch.
The unit of Q is Coulomb, 1 Coulomb = 1A * 1s = 1As; 1Ah = 3600 As(Amp Second); Work voltage U = Charge upper limited voltage - Discharge bottom limited voltage; Working voltage can be set and the EDLC coulomb could be calculated automatically by the software.
Size & Weight
Power Cell Testing Power Cell Testing Power Cell Testing
Networking Mode
Power Cell Testing
Power Cell Testing
Power Cell Testing
Power Cell Testing
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